Alva, Oklahoma


Re-engineered existing grow facility for optimal production through process analysis and optimization. Proprietary system integration and implementation, along with employee training and project management.

Okemah, Oklahoma


New construction design and engineering. Sourced all equipment and over site on construction.  Implemented SOP's and IPM protocols along with employee training and project management.

Long Beach, California


Opened dispensary through city approval implemented store operations and inventory procedures along with all employee training and management.


Warehouse design and operations.

Renovated 100,000 sq ft facility. Provided facility design, equipment sourcing, employee training, integrated pest management solutions, irrigation design, packaging, process analysis and optimization, project management, proprietary system integration and implementation,

Coachella, CA


Offered process analysis and optimization, for cultivation sites. Engineered, designed and operated multiple grow containers during construction phase.  



Designed and engineered multiple cultivation sites. Cultivated boutique strains for multiple dispensaries while far exceeding industry average yields and quality per square meter of canopy.