Let us help you grow!

Let us help you grow!

Let us help you grow!Let us help you grow!Let us help you grow!

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Operations and Management Skillset

   Compliance, Cultivation, Equipment Sourcing, Employee Training, Facility Design, Grow Room Design/Engineering, Integrated Pest Management Solutions, Irrigation Design, Packaging, Process Analysis and Optimization, Project Management, Proprietary System Integration and Implementation, Reengineering existing Facilities for Optimal Production, Site Selection, Supply Chain Management, Tracking, Workflow Management. 


Quality Control

  Denver’s new requirements have resulted in closure of numerous indoor cultivation facilities in Colorado. In these cases, poor choices 5 to 10 years ago have left chemical residue that can’t be cleaned. This is foreshadowing of what is soon to come in all states. Because of our reputation in Colorado, we have participated in product trials for the cutting edge organic pest control solutions. We have a fully vetted IPM system that includes biological and OMRI-rated controls. Budo Bud takes pride in their ethical grow techniques and bringing a clean, high quality cannabis product to our users. 


Growing to scale

Scalability is an area where most groups not only struggle, but fail. It is in this area that Budo Bud sets themselves apart from other cultivation management companies. Cultivating cannabis since 2010 our S.O.P. was developed utilizing Six Sigma Principles and has proven success in facilities as small as 5,000 sf and as large as 100,000 sf with sites in Colorado, California, Arizona and Oklahoma.



Product and yield consistency is achieved by following our proven methods and nutrient schedules. Since we treat cultivation as a science and not an art, the results are quantifiable and the procedures are replicable. A lower cost of goods can be achieved through 1 of 2 ways, reducing the budget or increasing the yield. We attack this issue at both ends. Using lean manufacturing, we can reduce labor and consumables. But more importantly, our process will increase yield. In our experience, a double digit percentage increase in yield can result in a triple digit percentage increase in profitability. 

Our Team


Ronin Klos

 Ronin Klos is Chief Technical Officer and Co-Head Grower of Budo Bud. He graduated Arizona State University with a BIS degree. After entering the job market, he was quickly hired by Motorola Semiconductor where he eventually became the youngest Regional I.T. Workflow Manager at the company. Seeking a change, Ronin left I. T. in search of a new calling. Eventually his path lead him to cannabis cultivation. The transition to cannabis from Information Technology was not an easy one, but Ronin’s adherence to Six Sigma principles lead him to develop the process that Budo Bud uses today. 


Christine Garner

  Christine Garner is Chief Executive Office and Co-Head Grower of Budo Bud. Christine is a former US Olympic volleyball team member, former 3 sport Division 1 athlete, and Arizona State University graduate and Hall of famer. She spent many years dominating the Arizona real estate market before transitioning into cannabis in 2010. It’s with her ability to lead others, along with her work ethic, discipline, and relentless approach to cannabis cultivation that has helped take Budo Bud to the next level.  



    Budo is a Japanese term that refers to martial arts discipline’s ultimate goal to provide spiritual, ethical, and moral self-improvement. Kanō Jigorō, the founder of Judo stressed, “the final goal is to perfect yourself and contribute something of value to the world.” It is with this mindset that Budo Bud approaches cannabis cultivation. As legal Cannabis customers become increasingly more informed they will demand a higher grade product free of harmful additives. Budo Bud is committed to fulfilling this increasing demand with high quality boutique product.

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